Meat Goats

We raise meat goats for 4-H projects, selling processed meat to local customers and for the joy it brings to our family. Leanne raised goats and other animals when she was in Indiana 4-H and started a new herd for the kids when she moved to Ohio after marrying Paul. We have been raising boer meat goats in Scioto County Ohio since 2000 and grow our herd each year by bringing in new genetics with bucks and does. Our does kid every year starting January 1st and we sell them to youth for their 4-H projects. All 5 Fuhrmann Kids showed goats at 4-H open shows, Ohio State Fair and the Scioto County Fair when they were of age to be members. Now we are 4-H volunteers and Leanne is the head of the goat committee in Scioto County. Leanne has seen it all with goats and if you have any questions pertaining to raising, caring for and managing a goat herd, message us.  

If you are looking for a doe or wether for your 4-H project, email us or message us on our Facebook page to be put on our list. This guarantees that we will have an animal for you and your child when they are weaned and ready to begin their life at your home (around Easter). We also have yearlings and older does for sale throughout the year. 


We also provide chevon, goat meat, processed specifically for you. You tell us when you would like the goat butchered for meat and we will take it to the processor and have it frozen for you at the orchard. You pay the processing fee and cost per pound.

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