About our Family

“Thank-you for taking the time to learn about our family and choosing to support our family-run business. By choosing to buy local every week May-January you are helping to keep our business around for future generations. We hope to see you at the orchard and farmers markets!”

-Leanne Fuhrmann

Our Story

Fuhrmann Orchards, LLC is a family owned agriculture business that grows apples, peaches, nectarines, melons, vegetables of all kinds, cut flowers, fall squash and pumpkins.

Paul’s parents, Pete and Susan began Fuhrmann Orchards LLC in 1958. Pete was a professional baseball pitcher and during spring training his shoulder went out. During this time, an injury of this extent ended his baseball career; thus Pete and Susie came back home to the farm. Pete’s parents owned a summer farm that had a few apple trees and some acreage. From this land, Pete and Susie built the apple orchard from the ground up. Initially the orchard started as greenhouses, but many changes have occurred over the last 60 years.

Pete had gone to Penn State University, to study Business, he still had a part time job and Suzy was a nurse at the old Mercy Hospital. In the 1980’s, the farm had grown enough with Paul, and his brother Pete, that their dad purchased property in Lucasville, OH for the apples. Although the farm originally started with retail in local stores, at this time they decided they wanted to switch to being primarily a wholesale orchard (Big Bear, Festival Foods, Kroger). Unfortunately, with the passing of Pete, Paul’s father, who died of Lou Gehrig’s Disease in 1990; and the passing of Paul’s brother Pete at a young age, that left Paul, Leanne, and Susie. They continued to work and run the orchard. With the changing landscape of the retail grocery industry, with some local grocery stores going out of business, and with other stores only buying through wholesale, they decided to do more of their own thing; transforming into a primarily retail business. Paul’s mother, Susie, continued to work at the orchard, until the day she too, passed away expectantly in 2007 at the age of 70.


Now encompassing over 120 acres, Paul and Leanne Fuhrmann and their five children (Lora Lee, Abby, Melanie, Andrew, Jeremy) take great pride in growing some of the best tasting, freshest, locally grown fruits and vegetables for the families of the OH-KY-WV tri-state area. The Fuhrmanns are passionate about the fruits and vegetables they grow because farming is their life and full time job. Paul and Leanne are graduates of Purdue University where they met and fell in love through the Horticulture Club, both specializing in Horticulture Production & Marketing, and Agriculture Economics.


Paul and Leanne’s children are all in varying stages of their lives and involved in various activities and jobs. Lora currently works at The University of California Berkeley, as the softball Athletic Trainer, and she also helps with their football team. Abigail recently graduated from The Ohio State University with her Bachelors Degree, and now is the 8th grade math teacher at Circleville Middle School. She moves home every summer to aid in picking produce & selling vegetables and she is our social media manager. Melanie is currently attending The Ohio State University majoring in Community Leadership-Community and Extension Education. She hopes to become an extension educator in the future and help improve youth lives while also promoting agriculture. Jeremy currently attends Purdue University majoring in Horticulture & Sustainable Agriculture, and hopes to come back to run the farm in the future. Finally, Andrew is currently attending Middle Tennessee State University majoring in Fermentation Sciences. He hopes to open a brewery back home in Portsmouth, Ohio; where he also wants to create Hard Apple Cider with the apples from Fuhrmann Orchards LLC. 


The Fuhrmann Family all help out during the year with the production and selling of the produce they grow. During the months of May-August it is all hands-on-deck as they attend 3 farmers markets weekly, deliver to restaurants and businesses, and run the home farm retail sales area. All of the produce grown is hand-picked, washed, boxed and sold by the Fuhrmanns and 2-8 employees. They have made it their life goals to educate the community about fruits and vegetables, eating healthy, and what it means to grow produce locally and support local Agriculture. 

“Thank-you for taking the time to learn about our family and choosing to support our family-run business. By choosing to buy local every week May-January you are helping to keep our business around for future generations. We hope to see you at the orchard and farmers markets!” -Leanne Fuhrmann

Meet Our Family

Paul Fuhrmann

I am proud of our business that my parents started in 1958 and I truly enjoy my adult children wanting to return to the farm when they can. I love carrying on the tradition of growing fruits & vegetables with my family. I look forward to introducing the new midwest apple varieties to our area and supplying the tri-state with apples for many years to come!

Favorite Fuhrmann Products

Juicy Ripe Nectarines - Sweet Corn - Asparagus 

Leanne Fuhrmann

Growing great tasting fruits and vegetables is my passion. Sharing this passion with my family and our great customers is a wonderful blessing. I love seeing our customers each week at the farmers markets and the farm. Educating our customers is my favorite part!

Favorite Fuhrmann Products

Nectarines - Jonathan Apples - Cider Slushies

Jeremy Fuhrmann

Working on the farm is a dream of mine and I am officially at the farm year round after graduating from Purdue Univ. I love working the fields and being able to see the product of my hard work and effort. I look forward to seeing the results of the new apple MAIA varieties in our new planting!    I am also an officer serving as 1st Lieutenant of the Indiana Army National Guard

Favorite Fuhrmann Products

Pink Lady Apples - Cantaloupe - Tomatoes

Abby Fuhrmann

My favorite part of the orchard is being able to grow fresh produce and flowers alongside my family. I spend the school year as a middle school math and science teacher and the summers on the farm. You can find me at the farmer’s markets all summer and running our instagram, Facebook and website. I received my MA in July from OU. I married Nick Arleo in July of 2023 with our beautiful flowers!

Favorite Fuhrmann Products

Nectarines - Applesauce - zucchini

Melanie Fuhrmann

I appreciate the lessons I have learned by growing up on the farm. I enjoy the gorgeous flowers that we grow and teaching youth about agriculture. I love educating our customers at the farmers markets and seeing everyone week after week. I received my Master's in Community Leadership at Ohio State University.

Favorite Fuhrmann Products

Cut flowers - Fuji Apples - Nectarines

Lora Fuhrmann

 I love that our orchard is a family business. Some of my best memories growing up come from picking in the fields with my mom and siblings. I live in Alabama currently and work in sports medicine for Auburn Softball. I come home to help at the orchard as often as I can and love seeing our customers!

Favorite Fuhrmann Products

Sweet Corn - Goldrush Apples - Sunflowers


Andrew Fuhrmann

I currently live in Mt. Sterling, KY with my wife Sierra. I currently work for the Jim Beam company in KY making whiskey, bourbon, vodka and more spirits. I want to further expand our orchard within the alcoholic beverage industry in the future.

Favorite Fuhrmann Products

Watermelon - Apple Cider - Pink Tomatoes


I love following my family around the orchard and hopping in the truck for rides. I know when it's time to go pick vegetables and I enjoy a dip in the pond on hot days. I also love when we have little kids around during school field trips. What can I say, I am the best farm dog a family could have!


I am a big white galoof. I love walking on the plastic and plants in the orchard and running through the mud puddles. I know I’m not supposed to go to the salesroom but when I hear little kids I can’t resist. My main job is to protect the goats and chase off the coyotes all night long. 

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