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Growing apples is the crop that started it all, but our peaches and nectarines are packed with flavor and are drippin’ good! Leanne and Abby enjoy nectarines most because they are a little sweeter than a peach and you don’t have to worry about the fuzz. Melanie loves to eat our white peaches as they have a different flavor of sugar than the typical yellow peach. A Fuhrmann Peach is like no other because we pick daily and only when it is truly ready to be harvested. When the blossom end of the peach gives with your thumb, it is ready to be harvested. In all fruit, the last thing to develop is the natural sugar. When you touch peaches in the grocery and they are hard, it is because they are picked weeks or months in advance to withstand shipping. Our fruit is picked at the peak of ripeness, all by our hands, not machines. 

When picking our melons, Leanne knows it all! For our seedless watermelon, we make sure there is a haze on the outside so that you can write your name, dark yellow color where it was sitting, a hollow sound when you tap on it and the tendril is brown on the vine. The cantaloupe need to have webbing on the outside, a tan-orange rind, and it needs to ‘give’ when you press around the stem attachment. You can watch a Facebook live video of us picking the melons and tossing them up into the bins here. Did you know you can melon ball the watermelon and cantaloupe and freeze it for later?

We grow thornless blackberries that are also handpicked when the entire berry has turned black. We pick directly into the pint boxes you purchase them in at the market, and we do not rinse them because it makes them go bad quickly. We do suggest that you rinse your berries when you are ready to eat them. In April 2020 we planted a new section of blackberries and raspberries to provide the community with more local fruit!


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