Apple Products & Cider

- Apple Cider- ½ Gallon and Gallon

- Apple Cider Slushies

- Apple Peeler, Corer, Slicer - Kitchen Utensil

- Apple Wedger

- Apple Orchard Coloring Book

- Caramel Dip

- Hot Apple Cider (Saturdays October-Dec)

- Hot Apple Cider Spice Blend (Tea bags and loose)

- Applesauce (with sugar & no sugar added)

- Apple Butter (with sugar & no sugar added)

- Apple Cider Jelly

- Homemade Apple Pie Slices (select dates Oct-Dec)

- Gift Certificates

*NOTE on Apple Cider: We do not press our own apple cider any longer. We used to press our own cider but in the 2000’s the regulations changed and we would have had to upgrade all of our equipment. Now we take our apples to Laurelville Fruit Farm in Laurelville, Ohio to have him press the apples into cider, and then we pick it up already jugged. Our apple cider is ran through a UV light to kill any bacteria and it is not pasteurized. It is made fresh September-December. You can also freeze apple cider, but make sure to create an inch of headspace before freezing.

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