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We are happy to provide restaurants, schools, and businesses with Fuhrmann Orchards Produce! Locally grown, fresh produce can increase the flavor in any meal. When you purchase fruits and vegetables from us we can assure that it was picked fresh for you and kept at the adequate temperature for the product. We will need to partner with your business before we start harvesting to make sure we are growing enough for your orders. We are able to grow specialty items for your business if we communicate early enough in the season (around March). We replant some crops, which allows us to have fresh produce until frost in October.


Items that we can supply in bulk: Apples (Aug-Jan), asparagus, bok choy, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, cantaloupe, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, cut flowers, sunflowers, eggplants, green beans, gourds (decoration), herbs, hydroponic lettuce, kale, leeks, nectarines, onions, peaches, peppers: sweet to hot (bell, sweet banana, cubanelle, hot wax, anaheim, fresno, jalapeno, serrano, cayenne, habanero, ghost, carolina reaper), pumpkins (all sizes, small to large), swiss chard, tomatoes (beefsteak, heirloom, red, pink, yellow, purple, green), seedless watermelon, winter squash, zucchini.


We are open to partnering with all types of businesses such as restaurants, bakeries, schools/universities, offices, salons, hospitals, dentists, etc. Primarily for schools we provide apples (smaller size), watermelon, cantaloupe, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and pumpkins. We can supply you with weekly orders, monthly, or just once a year. We sell our produce in quantity or weight depending on the item. You can buy 5lb bags, 10lb bags, half bushels, bushels, etc. and we do not have a minimum amount you have to order. We can also do weekly bunches of flowers for your front desk! Call us or email us to discuss the possibilities of providing fresh, hand-picked, locally grown products at your business!

Email Us: fuhrmannorchards@gmail.com

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Paul Fuhrmann: 740-935-6406

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