Q: “Do you grow your own fruits and vegetables?”

A: Yes! We are proud to say that we grow our own fruits and vegetables and help them grow, so that you can taste the freshest, locally grown produce. We can tell you exactly how we plant, care for and harvest our crops and show you as well. We only sell what we grow!

Q: “Do you have u-pick apples or peaches?”

A: We do not offer u-pick apples or peaches due to the terrain of our orchard. We reside in the hills of Southern Ohio and we do not currently have transportation up into the orchard for our customers. All of the apples are already bagged, ready to go for you! If you would like to see the orchard, you can schedule a group tour ($150 minimum) or visit us during the Apple Fest in October.

We did put a planting in for apple picking in 2024!!! Add it to your calendar.

Q: “What Fuhrmann produce do you need to refrigerate? Apples?”

A: We recommend that you refrigerate ALL of our produce except for the select few items: tomatoes, uncut onions, uncut watermelon, and uncut winter squash. If you need the peaches to ripen a little more, only leave them on the counter for a day, then put in the refrigerator. 

Q: “What form of payment do you accept?”

A: At the orchard in Wheelersburg we accept credit & debit cards, cash, checks, Venmo, SNAP, Senior Vouchers, WIC Coupons, and Gift Certificates.

    At the 3 farmers markets we accept credit & debit cards, cash, checks, Senior Vouchers, WIC Coupons, and Gift Certificates. 

Q: “Do you press your own Apple Cider?”

A: No, we do not. We used to press our own cider but in the 2000’s the regulations changed and we would have had to upgrade all of our equipment. Now we take our apples to Laurelville Fruit Farm in Laurelville, Ohio to have him press the apples into cider, and then we pick it up already jugged. Our apple cider is ran through a UV light to kill any bacteria and it is not pasteurized. It is made fresh September-December

Q: "Do you have apples still?"

A: Yes! We will have apples available for purchase August until Christmas!

Q: "Do you have apples other than Golden Delicious and Red Delicious apples?"

A: Yes, we have numerous varieties available the entire apple season! Please see our 'Apples' tab for more information about all of our apples!

Q: "What is the best apple for apple butter?"

A: Applebutter is best if you use a mixture of varieties. Law Rome and Winesap are great, along with Golden Delicious for no sugar added Apple Butter. If you visit our 'Apples' tab there will be a chart that shows the best ways to use every apple we grow!

Q: "What is the price of a bushel of apples?"

A: A bushel of #1 apples is $34, while a bushel of #2 apples is $24. If you would like a large order, please call ahead so we can have the order ready upon arrival.

Q: "Do you sell deer apples?"

A: Yes, we sell unwashed smaller apples in bushel bags for livestock and deer. They are $11 a bushel. If you would like a large order, please call ahead so we can have them ready upon arrival. Bin quantity can also be purchased and dumped in a trailer or truck bed, $150 each.

Q: “What happens to the apples that fell on the ground?”

A: Apples that fall to the ground are left there to compost, adding nutrients to the soil.  They are NEVER picked up for cider or deer apples (second grade apples purchased for feeding livestock or deer) or offered to customers to pick up.

Q: “Are you an organic farm? Do you spray?”

A: We follow an integrated pest management strategy that involves scouting the orchard for insect pests and beneficial insects. We use orchard sprays when we need to address a problem or disease in the orchard and do so with the exact amount on the label. We also spray during the late night so that we do not negatively impact the bees, as they will be asleep then. We are not certified organic growers, but some of our products have never had any herbicide, fungicide or pesticide on them. The best thing to do is ask one of the Fuhrmanns at the orchard or farmers markets!

Q: “How long are you open in the year with apples?”

A: We are open July-December with produce. Once it freezes in October we still have produce that we picked and placed in the coolers. We are still picking apples through November 5th and will have plenty of apples throughout November and December, closing around Christmas time. We have varieties of apples that are made to last until next apple season that you should stock up with in December; Pink Lady and Goldrush.

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