Apple Fundraiser at fuhrmann orchards

Your group can sell apples & make a 50% profit!

2 Methods:

1. Students pre-sell 5lb bags of apples for $8 through an order form and collect money at that time. (usually sell for 2-3 weeks). A date is selected for the delivery of apples to the school, which is the same date for student/parent pick-up. You provide the total number of bags sold for each variety to the orchard at least 2 days prior to delivery. Teacher/Advisor and students sort apples based on each student/seller's order form during or after school. Parents pick up the order of apples from the school and deliver to friends/family that evening. 


2. Pick up 5lb bags of apples and pay for 50%. Each bag is $8 and a bushel box is 8 bags. Set up a booth at a sports event, musical, parent-teacher conference night. Sell apples in the cash and carry style. The apples you do not sell are yours, and you do not return them to the orchard. 


Spreadsheet to track student sales


Apples are perishable, and can be bruised. All parents & students should be advised to refrigerate apples, and treat them like eggs being careful to not bang them and bruise them before delivery.


We often have schools sell twice in the school year. The apples you sell for September delivery will be different than an October or January delivery. You will get a repeat of customers for each session. 

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