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We use our fresh apples, peaches and berries to make our delicious canned goods. Leanne makes Apple Butter and Applesauce non-stop throughout the fall to keep up with your demand. We follow all cottage food laws while we make our jams, butters and sauces. We also have a peach salsa made from our peaches, onions, peppers and apple cider vinegar. These items are not always available at the farm market or farmers markets because we make them as the season progresses. We hope you enjoy our canned goods! Abby’s favorite is applesauce, Lora’s favorite is the Peach Habanero Jam, and Paul loves using the peach barbecue sauce when grilling chicken.

- Applebutter with Sugar- Homemade

- Applebutter with no sugar added- Homemade

- Cinnamon Applesauce with Sugar- Homemade

- Applesauce Jonagold w/ no sugar added- Homemade

- Apple Cider Jelly- Homemade

- Apple Bourbon BBQ Sauce

- Blackberry Jam- Homemade

- Peach Jam- Homemade

- Peach Habanero Jam- Homemade

- Peach Butter- Homemade

- Peach Salsa- Homemade

- Peach BBQ Sauce- Homemade

- Peach Pepper Jelly- Homemade

- Pumpkin Butter

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